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Materials Selections Policy

Mission Statement

The mission of the Coatesville Area Public Library is to serve the residents of its service area with a variety of library materials and services that provide for the educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of its residents.


The purpose of the materials selection policy is to state clearly the principles for selecting materials for the Coatesville Area Public Library (hereinafter referred to as “the Library”.)

Responsibility For Selection

Responsibility for materials selection rests with the Library Director and reflects the policies adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Library. Ultimate responsibility rests with the Board of Trustees.


Service Responses

Coatesville Area Public Library will continue to provide materials and programs to its constituency with the following areas of focus.

  • Basic Literacy – The Library can push residents to achieve higher literacy, a better trained and more skilled workforce, and a growing tax base, economy, and population.
  • Information Literacy – The Library can help all residents learn how to use online resources and current technology to improve their education, to enhance their job skills, and to participate fully in a digital society.
  • Civic and Social Literacy – The Library can give residents of all ages the knowledge and skills they need to improve their lives, to contribute effectively in their communities, and to participate in civil discourse.
  • Health Literacy – The Library can play an important role in helping residents actively manage their own and their family’s well-being, making them effective partners with their health care providers and reducing costs.
  • Financial Literacy – The Library can help residents become informed consumers and guide individuals, small businesses, and other organizations to contribute to the economic vitality of their communities.

This will be achieved though the Library’s Key Roles

  • Popular Materials Library
  • Pre-schoolers’ door to Learning
  • Reference Library
  • Formal Education Support Center
  • Community Center


The Library will collect balanced materials in a variety of formats in support of its stated roles.

Criteria for Selection

The Library acquires and makes available materials that inform, educate and entertain. The Library provides, within its financial limitations, a collection for the general public of timely materials on current issues, of materials that embrace broad areas of knowledge, and works of enduring value.

The materials are selected:

  • To satisfy the needs and interests of the community
  • To support the roles of the library
  • To present balanced points of view within the collection

Consideration is given to:

  • Access to electronic databases
  • Accuracy
  • Authoritativeness
  • Availability of funds
  • Enduring value
  • Existing Library collections and holdings
  • Interlibrary loan availability
  • Literary merit
  • Other community resources
  • Public interest
  • Social significance
  • Timeliness

Selection tools include professional and trade journals, general media, subject bibliographies, publishers’ materials, and staff knowledge and expertise. Purchase suggestions and donations from the public are given consideration in the context of the selection policy.

The selection of materials for the collections does not constitute an endorsement of contents. The Library recognizes that some materials may be controversial and that any given item may offend some patrons. Selection decisions are made on the merits of a particular item in relation to building the collection and fulfilling the roles of the Library.

Gifts and Memorials

Gifts of books and other materials are gratefully accepted with the understanding that they may be added to the collections, in accordance with Library selection policies and need, or disposed of. Donations added by the Library become part of the general collection and are not accorded special shelving or circulation procedures.  The majority of such gifts are sold by the Library to generate funds to aid the Library. Disposal of the remaining materials is at the discretion of the Director. The Library does not accept materials with a copyright older than 10 years, textbooks, outdated encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, and National Geographic or other magazines, cassette or VHS formatted tapes.

Memorial and monetary gifts are always welcome. The conditions under which gifts are accepted by the Library are at the discretion of the Director. The donor’s request for a specific subject area or format will be considered. Special gifts of books or other library materials in memory or honor of individuals may be accepted, and appropriate bookplate or other notation placed on them, at the discretion of the Director.

Materials donated to the Library, including those as memorials, are subject to the retention and weeding criteria established for the collection as a whole. Bookplates are not transferred to other books if the original book is lost, damaged, or worn out.

Donors will be given an acknowledgment of their gift, but the Library cannot provide evaluations or appraisals of donations.


Weeding, the quality control of a collection’s usefulness is an integral part of collection development and management. To maintain the vitality of the collection, the removal of outdated, superseded, damaged, seldom used, and excess copies is done on a regular and systematic basis.

Statement of Concern Form

The Statement of Concern Form should be used when a patron has a concern about material found or not found in the Library and wishes to register this concern in writing. The procedure is as follows:

Patrons with concerns about materials in the Library collection should initially be directed to talk with Library Director to discuss the material in question. Patrons wishing to express their concerns in a more formal manner should be given a Statement of Concern Form to complete. The completed form will be referred to the Library Director, who will send to the patron a letter acknowledging its receipt.

Within a month of receipt of the Statement of Concern Form, a review of the item will be completed by Library Director. The Library Director will then respond in writing within 10 working days to the concerned individual. If the individual is not satisfied with the decision made or action taken, the decision or action may be appealed to the Board of Trustees of the Coatesville Area Public Library.


Approved August 21, 2012


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