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Library Hours

Program Photos

Family Place Libraries – Pictures from our various programs during the summer.

7-16 7-16a 7-16b 7-16c 7-16d 7-16f 7-16g 7-16k 7-16l 7-16M Hot Wheels 2 Hot Wheels 4 Hot Wheels 6 Legos 1 Legos 2 Legos 3 Legos 5 Lunch Ready Minute 1 Minute 2 Minute 3 Minute 4 Minute 5 Minute 6 Minute 7 Minute 8 Minute 9 Randy 1 Randy 2 Randy 3 Randy 4 Randy 5 Randy 6 Avery yam noodles Brynn yam noodles Cam salted shrimp Dre and Dangelo lasagna baby food final 1 final 2 final Justine sesame mochi Lasagna baby food 1 Lasagna baby food Nigere yam noodles Noah photo Platinum Shrimp crackers 1 Shrimp crackers 2 Shrimp crackers




Family Fun Nights – This night we enjoyed spaghetti tacos and then played Book Bingo.  Officer Ollis from the Coatesville Police Department made a guest appearance as Bingo caller.





Pre-School  Story times



Play & Learn Parent/Child Workshops

Some pictures of the children and their caregivers enjoying the Play & Learn program.  An hour of free play is followed by a 15 minute circle time activity.  Always so much fun!






Teddy Bear Sleepovers-
children participating brought a stuffed friend to the Friday night program then the stuffies slept over!  Saturday morning the children returned to pick up their stuffies and enjoy some breakfast treats before going home!

Spotty wearing his nightlight! Pom pom mania!

Pom pom mania!


Officer Ollis served as Guest Reader for "Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus" by Mo Willems.



Breakfast treats!



Northeast corner of 5th Ave. & Main St. 501 E. Lincoln Highway Coatesville, PA 19320